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    "Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons."

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    Remember Wendy Davis?


    You know, the badass democrat who fillibustered for 11 hours straight to conserve women’s rights in Texas?


    Well, this wonderful and amazing woman has announced her campaign for Texas governor!


    Let’s show her some goddamn support!

    Her opponent, Greg Abbott, is all about “traditional values.”

     What fucking good have “traditional values” ever done for anyone?

    Not a goddamn thing, that’s what. Vote for Wendy Davis.

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    this is me

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  6. "Whenever you read a cancer booklet or website or whatever, they always list depression among the side effect of cancer. But, in fact, depression is not a side effect of cancer. Depression is a side effect of dying."
    — The Fault in Our Stars, John Green  (via judgeamanbyhisfavoritebooks)

  7. "'It felt like something snapped. A rubber band. It felt like gravity.'
    ‘That’s what it feels like. When you decide.’"
    — Idoru, William Gibson (via judgeamanbyhisfavoritebooks)

  8. "My schedule today lists a six-hour self-accusatory depression."

    Iran Deckard, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

    Philip K. Dick

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  9. "But then I realized how unhealthy it was, sensing the absence of life, not just in this building, but everywhere, and not reacting- don’t you see?"

    Iran Deckard, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

    Philip K. Dick

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  10. "His whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and weakness. It was deeper and more intimate than the fear of evil and capricious gods and of magic, the fear of the forest, and the forces of nature, malevolent, red in tooth and claw. It was not external, but lay within himself. It was the fear of himself, lest he should be found to resemble his father."
    — Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe (via judgeamanbyhisfavoritebooks)
  11. getting quads down!! :)

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    A solitary fisherman’s home keeps watch on quiet Placentia Bay in Newfoundland, Canada, 1974.Photograph by Sam Abell, National Geographic Creative

  13. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.

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    what do you call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?

    I don’t know. What?

    a condescending con descending.

    get out

    That was beautiful

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